Buying your Home Alone?

Sep 01, 2016


Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make in your life. But it’s not an easy one — and it’s especially not easy if you’re looking for a home alone.

There are the obvious perks to waking up in a big, empty home and feeling free and confident — much like Kevin in the 90’s classic, Home Alone — but there are plenty of shenanigans that can come your way without proper direction from a real estate professional.

You have to hope the property’s details were fully disclosed, properly inspected and that the paperwork — including tricky contracts — were done correctly. There’s also understanding the markets and value of each neighbourhood, creating an offer, transferring the title, and much, much more.

To top it all off, the market is extremely competitive, there are a lot of details to consider, and shenanigans you’ll experience one way or another if you’re going at it alone.

That’s why you need an experienced realtor on your side!

Someone who knows the ins, outs and trends of each neighbourhood;

can gauge whether a property is being over or undervalued;

has access to and will openly share all the information about a site,

and can get to know you to find you the house of your dreams.

Most importantly, you need someone who will be transparent and honest with you,

because the home buying experience is all about you — you and your story.

Working alone, you would spend a lot of unnecessary time looking at a range of houses meeting bits of pieces of your needs. Instead, a good realtor will zero in on your wants and lifestyle, so you can spend quality time looking at real, viable options that may not be available on MLS or other sites.

They will help you establish a relationship with the seller of your dream home, guiding you through the process to ensure a smooth transition into your new home — frustration free.

Realtors really do specialize in the craft of contract writing and getting to know your story. Contracts are tricky and negotiations can be stressful. You need a strategist with today’s multiple offers who can remove the stress, refine your search, handle the paperwork, and act quickly to pursue new listings.

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with M+M, who reached out after looking at the Guelph market for six months with another realtor. They made six offers and were left frustrated and without a home.

I got to know more about M+M — exactly what they were looking for — and knew right away which house was the right one when I found it. We went through five different homes to explain different markets and styles available, before putting an offer in on a house.

I established a relationship with their mortgage broker and could get his financial advice quickly during negotiations. That same day, I had a home inspector review the house and he found mould. That concern made M nervous. So I ensured, with that offer, there was a condition that the mould be removed. It was key that M be confident making an offer on their home, and they were made aware the condition might result in a rejected offer.

They didn't get it, but the next week we found a great home and again were in competition. We created a relationship with the sellers and their agent, then put in our best offer. We got the home!

If you are frustrated or don't want to be frustrated in your home search, give me a call at 519-824-9050.

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