​The Man Cave Compromise

Oct 02, 2016


Whether your significant other likes to host poker nights, watch his favourite hockey team with his buddies, or display his old football jerseys and other memorabilia, there are more than a few reasons to compromise and let him have his man cave. Here’s how to give him his space without effecting the look, style and feel of the rest of your home.

Pick a room and work on it together:

This room should ideally be a basement den, garage or somewhere out of the way from the immediate entrance to the house. When you’ve picked the room, identify what you want to do with it in terms of colour and style, and use it as a way to learn more about each other, while not going to the extreme of wall-papering the walls with the Toronto Maple Leaf’s logo. Let him take the lead with his ideas for the space, and use your touch to make it practical and polished. Plus, you’ll have a ton of fun if you make some aspects of it a DIY session.

Keep with a theme:

Whether he wants it as a place to watch his favourite Netflix show, host poker nights, watch sports or display his action figures, pick a theme for the room and draw from that, but don’t go too over the top. Paint or wallpaper the walls the colour his team’s colour, find or create unique artwork to complement the theme. This way, you don’t have tacky sports logos, but a cool and uniquely coloured space for him to hang in. Having one place to display his interests is a good way to ensure there are no moose heads hanging over your fireplace, neon beer signs or superhero throws in your living room, too.

Ensure there’s a focal point:

Maybe it’s his man cave that doubles as the family game room, so the focal point would be a pool table in the room. Or maybe he’s an avid mixologist and the focal point or added bonus would be incorporating a bar. Whatever the main feature is, ensure it’s a boast-worthy attribute that will get a lot of use and really express his interests.

Strike a balance between comfort and function:

Many people know the most comfortable sofa isn’t always the nicest looking one, so compromise. Maybe instead of a clunky couch, opt for a leather recliner that will give you the same comfort but looks a bit more sophisticated. The same should go for all main fixtures of the space. You could use accents, such as pillows or bar stools, to emphasize his interests, knowing down the road, when you want to redecorate, you’ve already got the staple items and just need to update the decor.

Remember, whatever your man’s man cave ends up looking like, the main advantage of this room is that you can close the door and have it not impact your home’s style in any way. It also helps when you’re negotiating for that walk-in closet of powder room.

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