​7 Ways to Speed Up the Most Hated Chore: Laundry

Nov 19, 2016


Laundry day is always such a hassle. By the end of the week you’re almost out of clothes, or at least underwear, and you don’t even want to look at the pile that has accumulated on your bedroom floor. We won’t even mention the bra or pair of jeans you’ve been wearing for two weeks now.

But there are ways to speed up this most dreaded of chores, even ways to make it more enjoyable.

Check out these 7 ways to speed up the laundry.

1. Pre-sort your clothes.

This one might be a no-brainer to some people. But it is amazing how much time can be saved by simply sorting out your clothes as you take them off.

Have a laundry bin for each sort of clothes: lights and colors. Some people also sort out their denims and towels; if that is you then have a separate basket for those as well. By the time laundry day rolls around, you will already have all of your clothing sorted.

2. Use the quick-wash setting.

On most washers, the average laundry doer uses the “normal” setting to wash regular clothing items. But have you ever tried the “quick-wash” setting?

Simply turn the dial to “quick-wash,” use the detergent as you usually would and start the washer. Typically this quick wash setting finishes in half the time of the normal setting. And your clothes should smell and feel just as clean as they would if they ran longer. Give it a try!

3. Have some folding entertainment.

Folding and putting the laundry away is probably the biggest hassle of all. Don’t let your laundry just sit to wrinkle in the basket once it comes out of the dryer. Find something enjoyable to do to help pass the time while you fold.

Turn on your favorite radio station, watch a good T.V. show, listen to an audio book. Do something that keeps your hands free, and enjoy folding the laundry for once.

4. Avoid ironing.

Did I say folding was a hassle? Ironing clothes takes a close second. Generally, by the time we remember we need to iron something, it is as we are getting ready and don’t have the time to iron that shirt or those pants before that interview or big presentation. You have other things you need do to get ready.

So, if you forget to iron your clothing the day before you need it, try throwing it in the dryer for 5-10 minutes while you shave or do your hair. The heat will soften and fluff out your clothing, and it will be warm on a cold winter day. You can also try hanging it up in the bathroom while you take a shower; the heat from the steam should soften and straighten out the wrinkles.

5. Set a specific day and time.

Don’t save your laundry for the weekend when you plan to go out and have fun. Find a specific day and time during your week when you know you have some down time, when you will be watching TV and don’t have to stress to rush the laundry.

6. Set an alarm.

Most of us have phones on us constantly, or some sort of device nearby that has an alarm setting on it. When you start a load of laundry, set an alarm for when the washer and dryer will finish so you remember to switch the load. It is easy to forget about the laundry when you put it in the machine and leave the room to do something else. Setting an alarm will help you keep the laundry going after each load so in the end it gets done quicker.

7. Share the load.

When you live in a house with more than one person, dirty laundry is not only brought about by you. Others contribute to the chaos, and they can contribute to the cleaning of it. Share the responsibility among everyone.

Some ways to do this are to set a schedule for each person to do a load of laundry, or their own laundry. You could also work together when it comes to folding the laundry. Two or three people folding the laundry and putting it away makes the work go that much faster.

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