Six Crucial Steps To Crush Multiple Offers and Get Your Dream Home!

Mar 04, 2017


Have you ever lost a house because of multiple offers? Many buyers have had their hearts broken after submitting 10 to 15 offers and still not getting their dream home. That’s why I’ve created a system to help buyers get that dream house, even during this crazy housing market. Follow these six steps and you can get your prize home, too.

1. Pick the right home for your situation.
Look for homes that are priced below your top budget so that you have room to offer more money if there are multiple offers. If your budget is limited, it’s a good strategy to consider a home that might be less popular because it needs some minor repairs, cosmetic improvements, or other work.

2. Make your offer condition-free.
With your financing in place and a home inspection done before you put in your offer, you reduce complications and increase the appeal of your offer.

3. Your agent should have a strong relationship with the listing agent.
Use a local agent to represent you who has been in the business for a while and is friendly with other agents in the area.

4. Form a connection with the seller.
The easiest way to do this is to write a letter that explains your personal story and circumstances, and why you would love to buy their house. People care about who will buy and live in their home.

5. Customize the offer for the seller’s needs.
Work with your agent to customize your offer with the best closing date and conditions for the seller, like agreeing to remove junk and make it easier for the seller to move on.

6. Make sure your agent presents the offer in person.
Listing agents often prefer to negotiate with an agent who is sitting close by rather than phone another agent or wait for email replies.

Though these might seem like small steps, they go a long way to helping you get your offer accepted so you can live happily ever after in your dream home.

Creating a home in which to raise a family, retreat from a busy world, or entertain friends and family can be exciting. But having your heart broken by missing out on golden opportunities can add stress to the search. If you need help in this crazy housing market, please contact me for a free consultation. I would be honoured to help you pursue your own happily-ever-after! All the best in your buying journey.

Be Bold, Be Blessed, Irene

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